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What's New In Vapor 3

Monday, January 29, 2018 by Tim

Vapor 3

Vapor 3 has been one of the most exciting, world-changing, rug-from-out-underneath-you, interesting and at times head-banging-on-the-wall experiences since I started with Vapor! The transition to Vapor 3 is a game changer, and nothing compared to migrating to Vapor 2. Honestly I think if you are coming to Vapor 3 completely fresh with no experience of Vapor 2, you are probably going to have a better time! However, don't despair, there is light at the end of the tunnel and once you get your head around async and Futures, you will be thankful. Going back to Vapor 2 having been focused on Vapor 3 for so long sometimes feels as painful as having to go from Swift back to Java or JavaScript!

Vapor 3 is effectively a complete redesign of the framework and actually closely follows the evolution of Swift itself. With Swift you had Swift 1 when it first came out, Swift 2 which improved a few things and added a few features as people used it more and then Swift 3 broke the world as everyone learnt how they wanted the language to work and how using it day-to-day really was and it set the foundations for the future of Swift. Going to Swift 4 was (almost) painless. Vapor 3 is exactly the same. Vapor 2 added some cool features such as configuration and proper routing but Vapor 3 has built the foundations for Vapor to grow and evolve into the leading server-side Swift framework it has become for years to come. It will be a painful, but necessary transition, much in the same way that Swift 2 to Swift 3 was. Whilst I don't agree with every design decision that was made, I fully support them and understand them.